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Creative Solutions

I chose to include the following article on my blog not because it specifically pertains to overcoming adversity, but because it shows the mindset of a person who can overcome adversity. Creativity is a major ingredient in enjoying life after adversity. I realize adversity often brings an awful toll. The question is not what happened, or what can’t you do, …Continue reading →

Animal Companions

I was discussing this question with a friend, but we could not reach a consensus. When an animal helps you do things you cannot otherwise do, is it appropriate to consider the animal a caregiver? BELLA AND HER GREAT DANE GEORGE ITS THE STORY THAT HAS EVERYBODY TALKING…. THE LITTLE GIRL AND HER REALLY GREAT DANE. ABC NEWS DAVID MUIR …Continue reading →

Hiring People Who Have Autism

According to Reuters, a study found that 35 percent of young adults (ages 19-23) with autism have not had a job or received postgraduate education after leaving high school. Considering more than 3.5 million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder, that’s a lot of people with unique perspectives and talents whose contributions to the workforce are being lost. The Mighty teamed up with Autism …Continue reading →

Buddah Doodles

This post is not an attempt to claim one religious or philosophical view is right and all others are wrong. I have mailed, emailed, and spoken with leaders representing many of the major religions and faiths. I have invited hundreds of religious scholars to share their philosophies, even when my religious views or philosophies are different. I chose to include the video in …Continue reading →

1200 Students Join the Celebration

Kyle Boule, a special-ed program graduate of Goffstown High School in New Hampshire, was given an epic, sweet sendoff by over 1,200 students and staff. Video of the the sendoff, fittingly set to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” shows Kyle wheeling down the school’s hallways lined with students on both sides clapping and cheering for the graduate. He also has an entourage following …Continue reading →

Caregivers Tell All

The following information is an excerpt of an article on Synapse, an Australia company that, according to its website, “reconnects lives of those affected by brain disorders.” Although I left the article as I saw it, I did change the word “carers” to “caregivers” in the title of this post. Common reactions for carers All carers respond to the demands of caring …Continue reading →

Fixing SSDI

In an article written for Forbes, Eric Peterson tell us that “due to a host of economic and structural problems, and a spike in applications and fraud, “ the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) trust fund situation is in a more dire position than originally projected. He also stated “a recent report from the Social Security Inspector General found troubling …Continue reading →

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During the past 11 years, I have been diagnosed with cancer, brain injury, balance issues, stroke, ataxia, visual impairment, and auditory challenges. I have overcome significant adversity! Let me show you how to overcome your challenges.

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* Beyond Adversity PSA *

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