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Entering LIFE with Disabilities

I am not a huge fan of schools or education centers because they tend to spend too much time teaching students things the students don’t need to know, rather than the skill they need to survive and thrive after high school (the real world). However an article by Elise Cleary, published online by Grand Traverse Insider made me smile. I am happy to …Continue reading →

If At First You Don’t Succeed . . .

It may seem a little far fetched, but if you watch the following video you will understand the connection between the title, content, video, and theme of this blog. Although each of us has an adversity, or interacts with a person who has at least one, there is a fairly good chance we experience adversity in a number of ways. Some …Continue reading →

Disney Universe: More Magical than Ever

Excerpt of Article by Ellen Stohl | New Mobility Disney made a big change two years ago involving its Guest Assistance Card. The GAC was designed with the intent of helping people with significant disabilities bypass the potentially long lines for attractions to avoid any problems they may experience as a result of their disability. It was helpful to many …Continue reading →

Explaining Autism

Information in the following video could have been presented with a little more emotion and energy, but the content provides a good overview of autism spectrum disorder, more commonly referred to as autism. I recognize that not everybody who reads this post regularly interacts with autistic people, but I believe the information in this post might interest anyone who is a survivor …Continue reading →

Paralyzed Toddler Denied Wheelchair by Insurer

Excerpt of Article Written by Rob Gearty | FoxNews The mother of a toddler, paralyzed from the waist down since birth, is “heartbroken” because she says she can’t convince her insurance company that her son needs a wheelchair to learn how to be more independent. Aubrey Allred, 29, of Kingsbury, Calif., told she wanted to get her son, 2, …Continue reading →

Explaining Ataxia

I realize cancer is much more well known than ataxia, but I was really shocked when a friend of many years asked me “what is ataxia?” I answered the question as best I could, but I also referred him to the Medical News Today (MNT) website for a more thorough definition. There are many websites that explain Ataxia, but MNT …Continue reading →

Triathlete Challenges Her Epilepsy

  Excerpt of Article by Glenna Fraumeni | Huffington Post Canada I’m an endurance athlete with epilepsy. We exist! I’ve been an active soul my entire life. When I was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2007, I did my absolute best to keep participating in the endurance sports I love. I have complex partial seizures and take medications to control my seizures. …Continue reading →

Warning Signs: Responding to a TIA

Excerpt of Article written by American Stroke Association According to Dr. Emil Matarese, director of a primary stroke center at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Langhorne, Pa., both a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) and a stroke are caused by a blood clot. Since the body has naturally occurring clot-busting agents, “eventually all clots will dissolve,” but whether or not there is damage …Continue reading →

Depression After Brain Injury

The information in this post was reported by MSKCT, but MSKCT credited TBI Model Systems for the information. What is depression? Depression is a feeling of sadness, loss, despair or hopelessness that does not get better over time and is overwhelming enough to interfere with daily life. There is cause for concern when feeling depressed or losing interest in usual …Continue reading →

Miracle Baby

After spending almost 14 hours suspended upside-down in freezing temperatures, 18-month-old Lily Groesbeck survived. Unfortunately, Lily’s mother, Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck, did not survive. Three police officers and two firemen say they heard a mysterious voice asking for help before they knew a toddler was in a submerged car. Officers Tyler Beddoes, Jared Warner and Bryan Dewitt, who responded to the …Continue reading →

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Hi, I'm Scott. During the past 11 years, I have been diagnosed with cancer, brain injury, balance issues, stroke, ataxia, visual difficulties, and auditory problems. I have overcome significant adversity! Let me show you how to overcome your challenges.

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