A Life of Opportunity

2016-0706 A Life of Opportunity

By Toby Edmondson,

We are all searching for joy in our life. We look for joy in our marriage. We look for joy in personal relationships. We even look for joy in our employment. Sometimes we spend our time looking for joy in the things we have accumulated. 

We need to find joy in everything. The obstacles in our life can bring us joy. Those bumps in the road that seem like insurmountable problems today can bring us joy as we overcome them. We can look back at them and what we see are just rumble strips to slow us down.  

Those rumble strips can bring us joy in so many ways. As Jane and I have faced and overcome these obstacles we have grown closer as our love grows. Each problem we solve makes us stronger as a team.  We now appreciate what we have, instead of wishing we had this or that. We now know that material things do not bring joy. They might, at best, bring us a little pleasure, but are soon a thing of the past too.

We have also discovered that sharing with our family and friends has brought us blessings of joy that possessions could never give us.  The problems, the rumble strips in life, just slow us down.  Jane and I try to take this time to see what good can come out of our situation and learn to be grateful for what we have.


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