Achieving Success

2015-0101 Successful New Year

If you want to be more successful this year than you have been in the past, follow the advice in the video. It does not matter what you are trying to achieve . . . watch the video. Lose weight, gain muscle, find a job, improve balance, start walking, build endurance, write a book, maintain a journal, socialize . . . watch the video.


  1. So I was sitting on the couch eating my lunch of PB&J sandwich plus chips when I stumbled upon this post. Setting goals is super important. Writing them down and sharing them with others are small steps that can motivate you towards success. My goal is to complete the Mental Health Worker certificate program at Orange Coast Community college. I consider it a long term goal because I am only taking one class per semester- more than that and I get overwhelmed. The video is very motivating–and NOW I am going for a 4 mile walk!

    1. Cheryl, although I believe setting goals is extremely important, I also believe creating plausible task and setting a realistic schedule are necessary components of every goal. Of course, a goal is nothing more than a dream until action is take to accomplish the tasks that will lead to a goal.

      Your goal of taking one class per semester sound like a great strategy to accomplish the big goal.

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