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I am aware that Halloween is not a holiday some people celebrate. Although the videos in this post refer to things often associated with Halloween, this post is not about Halloween; it is about inspiration, smiling, and pursuing a non-conventional career. If you are opposed to inspiring, smiling, or working, this post is not for you.

I previous wrote about Tom Thum in the post titled “Beatbox Brilliance.” I chose to write about Thum again because it is important to showcase a person who has demonstrated flexibility in career choices and personal marketing strategies. The previous post highlighted a TEDx presentation whereas this post highlights the remix of a classic Disney video. Versatility is an essential strategy for survivors, caregivers, and everyone else — if you face challenges (obstacles) in your journey, be flexable (open) to try another path to success. Go over, under, around, or through you challenges, but do not stop the journey simply because you face a challenge.

The Original

As explained by Yahoo Movies, the following video was “produced in 1929 as the first of Disney’s ‘Silly Symphonies,’ the five-and-a-half minute short serves as a sort of gothic prelude to “Fantasia” as skeletons, black cats, a dog, an owl and a spider make beautiful spooky music together around a graveyard. Written and directed by Walt Disney himself and animated by Ub Iwerks, ‘The Skeleton Dance’ was the first animated cartoon to use non-post-sync sound as composer Carl W. Stalling incorporated a minor key foxtrot, part of Edvard Grieg’s ‘The March of the Trolls’ and other elements to make a Halloween short.”

The Remix

2013-1027 Tom Thum Swollowed an OrchestraYahoo Movies continues by telling us that Tom Thum recreates every noise in the original short by using only sounds produced by his mouth. He “takes the term ‘silly symphony’ to a whole other level. We have a feeling Walt himself would’ve been a fan … and probably would’ve given this guy a job.” Perhaps, The Guardian puts it best when it suggested “Tom Thum appears to have swallowed an entire orchestra.”

Your Turn

  • Do you wish to transition from recovery to work, school, retirement, or travel?
  • Do you wish to become a volunteer?
  • What do you plan to do if your initial plan does not work as expected?
  • Do you have a plan in your head or on paper?
  • Are you planning to “wing it” and hope for the best?
  • Is your transition plan specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time sensitive?
  • Are you flexible enough to pursue an alternate path if necessary?


Thanks to Wendy who shared the videos with me, Disney for creating the movie that was the foundation upon which the remix was made, Tom Thum for sharing his talent with us, Yahoo Movies for hosting the videos, YouTube for enabling me to embed the videos, and all the other people who made it possible for me to include the picture, text, and video I used in this post.

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