An Evening with Katy Perry

2013-1122 Katy Perry

Although I’ve heard her name, and probably a few of her songs, I don’t know much about Katy Perry, her concert schedule, or lyrics to her songs. I would not recognize her if she were standing next to me, and I probably would not recognize the artist or know the title if I heard one of her songs. However, while watching the following video, I became a Katy Perry fan.

According to the website, “Comedy Central and Jon Stewart’s Busboy Productions presented the special event, ‘Night of Too Many Stars: America Comes Together for Autism Programs.’ The show featured Jon Stewart and a roster of celebrity all-stars.” The event benefits “programs across the country in support of individuals with autism.”

Thanks to your support, in 2010 the Night of Too Many Stars, through its partner, New York Collaborates for Autism, gave more than $3.1 million in grants to 41 programs in 13 states.

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  • If you were to support one or more charitable organizations, which would you support and why?
  • What is to stopping you from more actively supporting the organizations that are important to you?

Thanks to Katy PerryJodi DiPiazzaJohn StewartComedy CentralNight of Too Many StarsYouTube, and all the other people who directly or indirectly made it possible for me to include the picture, text, and video I used in this post.



  1. Thank You Scott,

    There can never be enough of this hope, joy, and, inspiration.

    Thank You–All, the great many who contributed to this uplifting, reassuring, and loving message.

    Thank You Katie Perry for these heartwarming moving and compassionate lyrics.

    1. Esther,

      I agree with you. The video was very inspirational. We definitely do not see enough of this type of uplifting message.


  2. Thanks Scott for posting this. I worked with autistic teenagers years ago and am so incredible happy, and relieved, to see the progress that has been made in our understanding of this spectrum. I really appreciate what you’re doing here too. Kris

  3. I LOVE this video! How wonderful for that little girl! Wh a great message Katy Perry sends out to a world who doesn’t understand! Thank you Scott, for sharing this!

    1. Trina, I have watched the video several times — it is captivating, moving, and encouraging. The post was a little difficult to write because I kept taking breaks to repeatedly watch the video. Is is comforting to know that there are people in this world who are willing to take a chance (put their reputation on the line) to help other people succeed. Thank you for sharing your comment. — Scott

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