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Attending Sikhlens and Sharing Stories

2015-1124 Sikhlens

Prior to attending Shiklens, I had never attended a film festival, so when I was invited to attend Sikhlens, (the Sikh Arts and Film Festival), I immediately accepted the offer. I expected to learn something new, but the benefits of attending were much greater than I anticipated. Benefits included:

  • Watching movies
  • Talking with movie directors
  • Talking with movie actors and actresses
  • Attending discussions
  • Making friends
  • Meeting friends I did not expect to see
  • Learning about people, culture, religion, art, music, and film
  • Stepping out of my comfort zone
  • Using goal setting, planning, decision making, and scheduling skills
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Interpreting movie plots
  • Eating fantastic food
  • Having fun

The benefits were personal and therapeutic.

Jagneet Singh, the person who produced the following short, all English, movie was one of the many Sikhlens attendees. Jagneet was accessible to all who wanted to talk.

Attending Sikhlens was a great experience for me and it could be for you too. What, you speak only English? The only language I speak is English. You are not a Sikh? Me either! You have a few transportation issues. I have not driven in more than a decade. You are an introvert? I am a borderline hermit. The next Sikhlens is far from your house? I met people who traveled several thousands miles to attend. Even if you cannot attend the next one, you might consider attending a similar event near you.

Some people share stories with their words. Others share stories with pictures, music, art, dance, or film. Attend Sikhlens and witness storytelling at its finest.

Step outside your comfort zone. Try something new. You will be amazed at what it does for you.


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Thank you to the people who created Sikhlens, the people who, and organizations that, sponsored Sikhlens; the people who invited me to attend Sikhlens; the people who drove me to and from the film festival; the people who walked with me when I had difficulty walking; the people who answered my many questions; and the people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to include the picture, videos, and text in this post.


Even after brain surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments to eradicate his brain cancer, Scott continued to work; continued to study; and earned professional certifications from the Project Management Institute, American Society of Quality, and Stanford University School of Professional Development. How were all of these achievements possible at a time when Scott was struggling with the hurdles of brain injury? The answers are in this blog.

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