Attending TEDx Orange Coast

During the past several months, I have watched TED and TEDx videos for education, inspiration, and motivation. I have also used TED and TEDx videos to educate, inspire, and motivate readers of this blog. If you are not familiar with TED Talks, I recommend that you search for them through whatever browser you prefer to use. I often find great videos by searching YouTube with Google Chrome.

A few weeks ago, I learned about a TEDx event that was fairly close to me. I felt it was time to attend an event to experience in person what I had seen in video for some time. Before I decided to purchase a ticket to the event, I searched the internet for everything I could find about the event – dates, times, exact location, theme, speakers, topics, prior events, and future topics. Even though I knew that I was ready to attend a TED event, I wanted to make sure the event was the right one for me.

Beautiful MindsWhen I checked my calendar, I found that I was available during only one day of the two-day event. As I suspected, public transportation would take me to, and pick me up from, the event. The theme of the event was “Beautiful Minds,” a topic that interests me and many readers of this blog. Speakers on the day I was available included Daniel Amen, Kathy Eldon, Jeremy Hunter Lisa Kristine, Wendy Lindley, Kevin Magiacomo, Shaheen Sadeghi, Adrianna Svitak, Cecilia Abadie, Sabeen Ali, Eyal and Leya Aronoff, Robert Grant, Kary Mullis, Max Cougar Oswald, Sara Volz, and Paul Weiss. Poet Ali Nomad and JazzXchange were also scheduled to present at the event.

I decided to purchase a ticket. I could have ordered the ticket online, but I chose to talk with a real person instead. There were a few open seats so I asked the salesperson to pick the best seat for me.

When I arrived on the day of the event, I was immediately greeted by several friendly people who directed me to will call where my ticket was patiently waiting for me, guided me to the right door in the concert hall, and helped me find my seat – orchestra level, center stage, approximately 30 rows back. My eyesight is not that good, but the enormous video screen ensured that I would have no trouble seeing the speakers or performers. I have a little difficulty hearing, but the sound quality was excellent. Best of all, I learned something from many of the speakers and performers – stories I can share with others through this blog and in speaking engagements.


  • Have you been to a TED or TEDx event recently?
  • Have you watched a free TED video online?
  • What topics interest you?
  • Who are your favorite speakers, poets, authors, writers, and artists?
  • Are you open to hearing ideas worth sharing?

Thanks to all the people who encouraged me to attend the event. I also appreciate all the speakers, performers, coaches, sponsors, donors, volunteers, and staff who made the event a wonderful experience worth sharing.


  1. Sorry, we do not have the video for Kary Mullis talk, it was a live stream that we watched. They usually put it up on YouTube within 6 to 8 weeks after the event. We liked his talk, presentation had a sense of humor but it was atypical for a TED/x talk (in terms of structure, flow & time, which they are very picky when working with their speakers ). Good luck with the application 🙂

  2. Yes, after our 1st experience where Tanishq was an invited speaker at TEDx Sacramento in June (you may check it out on the Youtube) we know that attending a TEDx is a wonderful experience.

    You could have met Tanishq & Tiara at TEDx OC,they were invited to talk there (and in fact went through 2 drafts) and then were cancelled as they had overbooked their speakers 🙁 Kids were disappointed. Maybe in the future they might speak there. But we all attended a TEDx Sacramento event on Friday as Tanishq was their social media maven, sending out live tweets about the event & speakers (if you are on Twitter, you can see the tweets) 7 yr old Tiara was the youngest in the audience, sitting through the talks from 7 to 11pm ! She is a good listener & patient but poor kid towards the end she was getting slightly bored…overall she had a good time (but most 7 & 10 yr olds will not be able to appreciate a TEDx event !).

    Via live stream we attended the talk by the Nobel prize Chemistry winner, Kary Willis, the rest we will see when it comes on Youtube. Hope you can attend more TEDx events, maybe you should try to be a speaker, share your experience & ideas ……it’s a lot of work ( SOP- expect to go through 6-10 drafts, few speaker coaching sessions & few rehearsals) but rewarding !

    1. Taji, your assessment is identical to mine. I thought the experience was wonderful and I’m glad I had the opportunity to attend. I’m sorry to hear the kids were not invited to speak at the TEDx Orange Coast event. I would have enjoyed hearing their presentation. I am currently writing a post about the Kary Mullis presentation. If I had the presentation on video, I would include the video in the post. I believe Kary’s presentation applies to the human spirit as well as the scientific method. What do you think about his presentation?

      You are the fifth person to suggest I speak at a TEDx conference. I guess it is time to consider the application process.

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