Autistic Child’s Grandma Receives Hate Mail

Autism Max and MomIf CNN or another reputable news agency had not reported the event, many people might incorrectly conclude that such an event could not possibly happen today, could not happen here, and could not happen to us. Discrimination is still alive. Hate still exists. The following link proves it. Since some people who experience adversity are also the victim of discrimination, bullying, and/or hate mail, I chose to write a post about fighting back in a non-violent way.

Linked video


  • Should the person or people who wrote and/or mailed the letter be punished for their crime?
  • If the letter was written and/or mailed by teenagers, should they be punished for their crime?
  • Is jail time an appropriate punishment for writing and/or mailing the letter?
  • If teenagers wrote and/or mailed the letter, should they be punished as adults?
  • Who is harmed by the letter?
  • What could the community do to be more supportive of Max and his family?
  • Is the letter an example of free speech or a hateful crime?

Thanks to Sharon Chrysta Mashburn for sharing¬†the video¬†I used in this post, Facebook for helping the story spread, CNN for recognizing the importance of the story, Max’s family for sharing the story, Max’s neighbors for supporting his family, as well as the officers and agents who are undoubtedly investigating the origin of the hate mail.

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