Baha’i Wish for Recovery

Be content in all conditions, by this the person is preserved from a bad condition and from lassitude. Shun grief and sorrow, they cause the greatest misery. Say: Jealousy eats the body and anger burns the liver. Refrain from these two as you would avoid a lion.”

 ~ Baha’u’llah

However, if sickness occurs, Baha’u’llah, wrote in the Kitab-i-Aqdas (The Most Holy Book), “Resort ye, in times of sickness, to competent physicians.” In this simplistic statement, Baha’u’llah admonishes us to seek the best doctors available for our current diseases.

In either good health or bad, use prayer for your daily communication with God. Baha’u’llah wrote many prayers and Baha’is believe that prayers written by Baha’u’llah are more powerful than a prayer made up by a mortal man. The following is one of several healing prayers written by Baha’u’llah.

“O God, my God! I beg of thee by the ocean of Thy healing, and by the splendors of the Daystar of Thy grace, and by Thy Name through which Thou didst subdue Thy servants, and by the pervasive power of Thy most exalted Word and the potency of Thy most august Pen, and by Thy mercy that hast preceded the creation of all who are in heaven and on earth, to purge me with the waters of thy bounty from every affliction and disorder, and from all weakness and feebleness.

Thou seest, O my Lord, Thy suppliant waiting at the door of Thy bounty, and him who hath set his hopes on Thee clinging to the cord of Thy generosity. Deny him not, I beseech Thee, the things he seeketh from the ocean of Thy grace and the Daystar of Thy living-kindness.

Powerful art thou to do what pleaseth Thee. There is none other god save Thee, the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Generous.”

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The author has followed the Baha’i faith for six years. As there are no ministers, mullahs, clerics, or other church hierarchy, all Bahai’s are enjoined to study and deepen their knowledge of the religion on their own initiative. The information in this post is based on my personal studies and the post is not a pronouncement by the Bahai religion.

Additional Information

Baha’is believe in progressive revelation, therefore all manifestations (Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, Christ, Mohammed, and finally the Bab and Baha’u’llah) are prophets or manifestations of God who were perfect for their day. God reveals His Will progressively through His Manifestations who come from time to time as humanity advances from one stage to another. The same is true of the Revelation of each Manifestation. His Teachings are revealed as the understanding of His follower’s increases. Oftentimes, even His closest disciples are at first incapable of grasping the full significance of His revelation. They continue to hold on to the laws and Teachings of the previous religion. Only with time do they come to understand that the new Manifestation is changing some of the laws of the One who came before Him. His purpose is to lay down new laws for humanity’s next stage of evolution.

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  1. Thanks for disclosing how your relationship to God affirms you, day in and day out. I feel that we are being breathed by the Infinite and are living in it. I like to recommend, “Proof of Heaven” by Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon who had bacterial meningitis and was in a coma for a week. During this time, he went to places which the rest of us have heard of,and in returning to life, he writes about his journey. Very powerful.

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