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2015-0722 Awkward

A few weeks ago, I released a post about using the right words to describe people with disabilities. I received a lot of comments from people with disabilities. Some of the comments agreed with the article and some did not. The following video is about eliminating the awkward moments when someone without disabilities interacts with a person who has a disability. Whether you agree with the video or not, please share your thoughts.


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Thanks to Wendy for sharing the video with me; Office of Disability Rights for committing its resources to the creation and distribution of the video; YouTube for hosting the video; and all the people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to include the picture, video, and text in this post.


  1. This video was amazing. This was examples of how people act when they see the disability. I am a survivor, of a TBI. The way people speak or treat us is unbelievable. We live with an INVISIBLE injury. People do not understand BI. They will ask, when they know I have a BI, “Why don’t you work, you look ok, Why are your asking me about something I already told you about, and Why are your so tired, you have only been awake for 5 hours.” These are things that don’t bother me at this time, but it does many people. Those are people who are still embarrassed about their injury. Thank you for allowing me to respond.

    1. Theodore, I am happy to hear you like the video. Some readers have suggested the video is a great educational tool for family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, doctors, nurses, and caregivers. The questions you mentioned used to bother me too, but overtime I realized the problem is partially my fault because I failed to properly educate the people with whom I interact, and I did not handle the questions properly. Now, I have short and understandable answers to the questions. The questions no longer bother me. Education, however, appears to be a never ending process.

  2. “Just treat us the way you would want to be treated, and we’ll all be ok.”

    Yes indeed. The Golden Rule still works.

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