Be Thankful for What You Have

Nick Vujicic PictureIf you are not familiar with Nick Vujicic, you may want to watch the following video which provides a brief description of Nick in his younger years. Although the video is not about the challenges of living a fulfilling life beyond brain injury, the video is definitely worth watching.

Long before Nick was recognized as a great motivational speaker, he suggested that everyone should be thankful for the things that they have and the things they can do rather than focus on the things that they do not have or the things they cannot do. The following video, which documents a speech that Nick gave approximately 30 years after the events described in the previous video, is not specifically for or about brain injury survivors. Nonetheless, the video is inspirational and definitely worth watching.

Identify the top 10-20 people who made a difference to you. Consider, from your earliest memory, everyone you know, everyone you met, and everyone who shared something valuable with you regardless of whether or not you know them. Consider family members, friends, neighbors, doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists, veterinarians, police, fire fighters, teachers, strangers, lawyers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, plumbers, electricians, postal workers, garbage collectors, gardeners, celebrities, athletes, news announcers, musicians, authors, painters, co-workers, public speakers, etc. Customize a thank you letter for each of the top 10 – 20 people who made a difference in your life. If you know their address, mail a thank you letter. If you do not know their address, but you can find them through some form of social media, send them a note. If you do not know their address, and you cannot find them on social media, then spend some time thinking about them and mentally saying “thank you.” What have you accomplished lately that would cause someone to thank you?

Thanks to Nick Vujicic for sharing his videos on YouTube and on Attitude is Altitude.

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