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By Toby Edmondson

In May of 2014, I lost feeling on my right side. Not knowing what was happening, I did not go to the hospital until the following day when I could no longer get up.  Shortly after my wife and I arrived at the hospital, we learned I just had a stroke.

While in the hospital, I lost my vision.  I was flown to Iowa City University Hospital where the medication, Topamax, was discovered to have been the cause of my temporary blindness.  The medication was taken away and I spent a lot of time going to my Eye Doctor. Shortly after I stopped taking Topamax, my vision returned.

Fourteen months later, when the second stroke occurred I knew what was happening and I called the ambulance right away.

I received help in Physical Therapy. Learning to walk is ongoing since the second stroke.  I am now using a cane for short trips and a walker for longer times of travel.

Recently, I joined the Stroke Survivors Group and the Iowa Brain Injury Survivors Group. My daughter joins me in the Stroke Survivors Group and my wife became a member of the Brain Injury Survivors Group.

I have started doing woodworking and I am looking at Pinterest to find other projects to keep  me occupied.


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