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2015-0604 Golf Course

There are many articles and videos about Dennis Walters, but since I do not play golf, watch golf, or follow it in the news, I could have easily missed the article written by Al Tays.

2015-0604 Dennis and Dog

Excerpt of Article by Al Tays | Golf Channel

Dennis Walters has spent almost 40 years delivering a simple message:

A paraplegic since 1974, Walters was told he would never walk again.

Yet he did.

He was told he would never play golf again.

Yet he did.

To read the complete article written by Al Tays, click here.


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Thanks to Dennis Walters for sharing his message; Al Tays for writing the article that caught my attention; Golf Channel for committing its resources to publishing the article; Google for helping me find the article; and all the people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to include the picture and text I used in this post.



  1. Telling someone they “can’t” do something can have dangerous consequences. It takes away a persons hope, when Hope is the very ingredient they need.

    1. Cheryl, I think that “you can’t” is one of the worst things anybody could say to another person whether or not the other person is a survivor. As you mention, the phrase takes away hope. It also takes away motivation, determination, and a sense of worth.

  2. Since 10-9-97, I aim to prove them wrong, in ways I have, with many things, some they -were correct to a point, but each individual CAN DO things, at their own pace & various ways, so DON’T believe everything you hear or a person, doctor or not tells you!! 🙂 Te! He! Smile and have fun, too! 🙂

    1. Shannon, I did not intend to prove my doctors wrong, it just happened. I completely agree with you each person has his or her pace. Two specialists told me and my family that if I recover in 30 days, I never would . . . WRONG!

  3. i have an 11yr old daughter and when she was a baby i got told everything she would’nt be able to do and it was alot
    she has been slower than other kids and the only thing she can’t do is walk unaided, she walks with a kaye frame
    she feeds, drinks herself? she sings dances can swim used to go horseriding and her greatest achievment she learnt to write
    when she was 9 we finally got her diagnosis 7he has a rare form of cerebellar ataxia called itpr1
    in our home the word ”cant” is not allowed
    and when i think of what the doctor said and what my daughter can do is worlds apart!
    and she has still more to achieve!

      1. scott she doesnt know any other way of life and unlike the flu my wee button will never recover! she will hopefully keep making progress!

  4. Jerry Tarde, chairman and editor-in-chief of Golf Digest, wrote an article about the late Frank Hannigan in which Hannigan is quoted as saying “screw the disabled.” The article and the quote angered the partially paralyzed golfer who failed to understand why most others were not disturbed by the offensive statement. He asked, “Would ‘screw women’ or any other minority be tolerated?”

    I believe the disabled minority has a long way to go in obtaining what other minorities have fought for in the past. Equal rights, resources, services, etc.

    1. Esther, you raised an interesting issue. I believe the quote is offensive, but more importantly, I believe the quote should not have been included in the article. I am disturbed anybody would make such an offensive comment, I am bothered by the fact anyone would believe the best way to remember a deceased person is to remember such an offensive comment, and I find it absolutely shameful that anybody would praise an editor-in-chief for writing for writing an article that included such offensive language.

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