Beyond the Drone

2015-0130 Camera Drone

We ask people to be aware of our conditions and the conditions we consider important. The flip side of the issue is we need to be aware of the conditions that affect other people and are important to other people. Adversity is not limited to adults, children, women, men, Canadians, Australians, people with light skin, people with dark skin, people who believe in a specific religion, people who believe in no religion, teens, senior citizens, rich people, poor people, people who have pleanty to eat, and people who have no food. Nobody is immune to adversity.

Caution: The following video is likely to upset most people. I chose to share the video to remind everybody there are people who intentionally cause the adversity of others, those who look the other way when people need help overcomming adversity, and there are some people who survive adversity even when the odds are significantly against their success.

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