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In the article titled “In the Beginning Part III of III,” I mentioned many people and organizations I credit for saving my life. In the article titled “Benefits of a Positive Attitude,” I mentioned the people who contributed to my positive attitude. There is another group of people to whom I also feel deeply indebted. This latter group, although they might not have realized it, significantly affected my decision to blog.

This blog would not exist without the following people:

1. Mark Parisi – – Several years ago, Mark allowed me to use one of his “off the mark” cartoons to express myself at a time when I had difficulty finding the right words. It was Mark’s cartoons that inspired me to share my thoughts and strategies with other people who were trying to find their words. I realize this is a stretch for some people, but I can honestly say that the cartoons sparked my decision to blog.

2. Hans Boldt – – After my brain surgery, but long before I understood the benefits of neuroplasticity, I solved Sudoku puzzles every morning, afternoon, and evening. As soon as I could solve the “difficult” 9 x 9 Sudoku puzzles, I searched the internet for puzzles that would be more challenging. That’s when I found the Nonomino puzzles on Hans allowed me to use the puzzles as part of my cognitive therapy. If it were not for Hans and the Nonominos, I probably would not be able to form the thoughts that are necessary to blog.

3. John Hall – – I met John in 2010 at one of his Advanced Career Transition classes. I enjoyed listening to his innovative approach to transition so much that I enrolled in his class a second time.  Although John’s approach required me to write more than I had written during the past several years, the writing, editing, and rewriting reminded me how much I enjoy writing. To me, blogging is just one form of writing.

4. Greg Johnson – – I met Greg around the same time that I met John Hall. Greg helped me both professionally and personally when I could not understand what to do or how to do it. For example, when I had difficulty beginning John’s assignments, Greg clarified the objective and explained all the steps. In addition, when I needed help completing a personal goal, Greg offered to help and he spent hours helping.  Greg’s generosity gave me time to study the art of blogging.

5. Lee Pound – – I met Lee shortly after I met John. Lee is a published author who coaches, writes, and speaks about writing. Lee helped me understand the value of clarity and precision in writing. Lee introduced me to the concept of blogging two years before I published my first blog post.

6. Heather Wieshlow – – Heather is the career coach who convinced me that the career I said I wanted was not the best career for me at this time. At first, I was offended, hurt, and determined to find a coach who shared my opinion. However, I quickly realized that Heather had shared a truth with me that nobody else had shared. I immediately started thinking of writing (a hidden passion) as my new career. The value of Heather’s insight and honesty significantly exceeds all the advice I received in high school, college, and graduate school combined.

7. Celeste Ryan – – I have known Celeste for several years. When I first mentioned my interest in blogging, Celeste helped me brainstorm a name for the blog, refine the high-level vision for the blog, and clarify the purpose of several articles that I ultimately published. Celeste sees both the big picture and the fine details. The many times that I have asked Celeste very specific details about blogging that she could not answer, she always pointed me to a resource who knew the answer.

8. Esther – Esther is a source of constant encouragement. If I said that I wanted to go back to school for 10 years and then pursue a career that I had less than a 1% chance of obtaining, I believe Esther would support me. She might counsel me first, but she would encourage me. When I explained to Esther that I wanted to start a blog, Esther encouraged me even though she knew that I would face many obstacles. Everyone needs an Esther.

9. Tim Tyrell-Smith – – I knew Tim was a marketing, branding, and strategy coach long before I met him, but Heather Wieshlow introduced me to Tim. I cannot recall if I met Tim before or after I decided to blog. However, I recall several months passing between the time I thought about blogging and the date on which I asked (begged) Tim for help setting up this blog. Not only did Tim explain what I needed to do, he created the blog for me. I knew what I wanted to do, but no matter how many books I read and videos I watched, I could not figure out how to create a blog. There is no question in my mind this blog would not exist without Tim’s help.

10. Matt Cohen – – Even though Tim customized the blog for me, many aspects of the blog and blogging did not make sense to me. Matt spent considerable time explaining and re-explaining blogging to me. In addition, he helped me focus on the content of Beyond Injury and encouraged me to publish articles at a sustainable pace rather than the daily pace that I had originally planned. I now understand why so many people and businesses look to Matt for their web design, social networking, multimedia, and hosting needs.

11. Wendy – She reviews many of my posts prior to publication. She also contributes to the content of posts by sharing pictures, video, and articles she believes are blog worthy. Her input ensures posts are concise, pertinent, grammatically correct, free of spelling errors, and interesting. I feel greatly comforted knowing Wendy supports the vision and direction of the blog.

12. Ali Han – – Ali developed the theme I selected for this blog. The theme significantly exceeded my needs and Ali has personally exceeded my expectations. When I asked Ali how to customize the template, he wrote the code for me and provided very specific instructions regarding installation of the new code.  This blog would not exist without the help and generosity of Ali.

13. Charles – Although I did not meet Charles until after creating the blog, there is no question in my mind the blog would not be able to reach as many people as it does without his mentoring. Charles taught me about social media, blogging, headlines, and content. [Note this point was added long after the initial post was written.]

14. Jack Crawford – I met Jack after I started the blog. Jack helped me understand Google+, shared his circles of friends with me, and commented on several posts. [Note this point was added long after the initial post was written.]

I would be remiss if I did not also offer my thanks to the clergy and religious scholars who wrote, or will write, “wish for recovery” letters that wish all readers, regardless of their faith, a thorough and speedy recovery.


  1. Scott–

    Thank you for creating the blog and sharing articles that validate our struggles and encourage us to explore our potentials, while reminding us how blessed we are.

  2. Scott, the pleasure has been mine! I’ve been learning SO much! Proud this blog seems to be for anyone and everyone! Looking forward to more posts, more learning, more laughs, more life beyond injury!

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