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I was not asked to review the product or the company that built the product, and I will not receive any compensation for writing or publishing this post. I chose to write this post because I think the invention is a fantastic product. All text that appears under the heading “Article” is a direct quote from Caroline’s Cart website.


2014-0316 Caroline's CartCaroline’s Cart is a shopping cart created for special needs children. It provides parents and caregivers a viable option to transport a child through a store while grocery shopping, without having the impossible task of having to maneuver a wheelchair and a traditional grocery cart at the same time. The cart is named after Caroline, the special needs daughter of Drew Ann and David Long.

Drew Ann Long saw the need for Caroline’s Cart after realizing her daughter would outgrow a typical shopping cart. Knowing what was needed, she founded Parent Solution Group, LLC, designed the cart, applied for a patent, and enlisted the services of legal and business professionals to help her bring the cart to market.

Her mission was to make Caroline’s Cart available to retailers everywhere, providing a quality product for special needs children that further enables their participation in mainstream society with their family through the common activity of grocery shopping.

There was only one place that shared her dream and had the technical know-how to make a cart worthy of her daughter’s name. That company is Technibilt.

Technibilt is headquartered in Newton, NC, where their main production and distribution facility is located. They have additional distribution centers in North Las Vegas, NV, and Montreal, Canada. Technibilt products are available nationwide through a strong network of manufacturer’s representatives. The superior design, innovation and quality of the Company’s products have allowed Technibilt (as part of the Wanzl group)  to be North America’s largest shopping cart manufacturer

Caroline’s Cart has now become a reality. Retailers such as supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping centers, and malls offering Caroline’s Carts will provide a valuable service to the families of over 1 million severely disabled children in the US. These customers will find shopping to be easier, and the goodwill they feel toward their store will translate into customer loyalty.

Drew Ann’s hope is that one day all retailers will provide an equal opportunity shopping experience for parents and caregivers of special needs children by furnishing them the option of a Caroline’s Cart. All families deserve to have this option, so they can enjoy the freedom of shopping with their special needs child.


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Thanks to Wendy for sharing the story and video with me; Caroline’s family for leading the effort to turn a dream into a reality; Technibilt for turning an idea into a product; Caroline’s Cart for providing a much needed product to the community; YouTube for hosting the video; and all the other people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to use the picture, video, and text in this post.


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