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Enjoying Life After Adversity

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Goal Setting

Searching for Direction

You searched for meaning and purpose after adversity. You found what you wanted to find. Your purpose is clear, at least for the moment, but before you set a goal to achieve your purpose, you must determine the direction most likely to help your focus on your purpose. For example, after considerable thought, you determined “helping others” is your purpose. …Continue reading →

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What Would I Like To Do?

In response to a previous post, several people asked what I would like to do or a variation of the question. The answer is . . .  “it depends.” The question, though it sounds straight forward, is not detailed enough. The question is really asking my goal. All goals, no matter how simple, must be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and …Continue reading →

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Setting Goals

It is never too early or too late to  talk about, set, or work toward achieving goals. The goals you set today may not be relevant tomorrow. Changing goals is a sign of wisdom not a sign of failure. Definition If your goal is not SMART, you really do not have a goal. SMART goals are: Specific Manageable Achievable Realistic …Continue reading →

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One Foggy Night

Spiders, snakes, mosquitoes, and bats will be your neighbors. There is a possibility coyotes and bears might visit. Poisonous trees, shrubs with thorns, and brain-eating amoeba seem to be everywhere. I certainly understand why some people prefer to stay home or in a hotel rather than spend a weekend camping in the middle of nowhere. However, April and I enjoyed …Continue reading →

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Achieving Success

If you want to be more successful this year than you have been in the past, follow the advice in the video. It does not matter what you are trying to achieve . . . watch the video. Lose weight, gain muscle, find a job, improve balance, start walking, build endurance, write a book, maintain a journal, socialize . . …Continue reading →

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It Takes Time

When my cancerous brain tumor was detected, I had a crazy notion that full recovery would occur quickly and automatically after a simple brain surgery, a few doses of chemotherapy, one or two radiation treatments, as well as a few months of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and cognitive therapy. It turns out my initial thought about recovery was a little …Continue reading →

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An Approach to Recovery

The article titled, “The 5 Traits of Wildly Successful People,” which was written by Alex Banayan, is the foundation upon which I wrote the following post. Although his article was not specifically written for people facing adversity, such as brain injury, I recognized a connection between the lessons in Banayan’s article and our community’s interest in recovery. According to Banayan, …Continue reading →

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**** About The Author ****

During the past 13 years, I have been diagnosed with cancer, brain injury, balance issues, stroke, ataxia, visual impairment, and auditory challenges. I have overcome significant adversity! I can explain how to overcome your challenges. I am a very active Toastmaster and a motivational speaker.