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Enjoying Life After Adversity

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Post Adversity Hobbies

After adversity, you may or may not be able to continue doing the hobbies you enjoyed prior to adversity. If you can, continue the hobbies you enjoyed. If you cannot, choose a new hobby. Prior to adversity, I used to enjoy bike riding, spelunking, rappelling, camping, chess, and scuba diving. Most of the hobbies I used to do are difficult, …Continue reading →

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Planning for the Future

Planning is not the beginning of the journey, but it is difficult to achieve goals without it. Sometimes, achieving goals requires a series of fairly obvious steps, but sometimes life throws a few obstacles at you, and the next steps are not so obvious. If what you see is a complex path or no path to success, find a mentor, coach, …Continue reading →

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Changing Careers

“I hate my job,” she said, “I really hate my job. I am ready to quit today.” Today was not the first time I heard those words, but this time there was a noticeable change in her voice and body language. Rather than offering unsolicited advice, I asked my friend if she wanted to hear my comments. She was open …Continue reading →

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The Perfect Solution

Survivors often face many challenges. The solution is to find affordable and existing products to compensate for as many challenges as possible. The linked video shows many products you might consider. I have no connection to the company that produces the products. I do not own stock in the company. And, I am not compensated in any way for sharing …Continue reading →

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Shameful Conduct of Disability Board

If I learned a disability board made a bad decision after hearing all the facts, I would be disappointed, but I would and accept their decision until it was overturned by a legal ruling. However, if a disability board refused to listen to the facts and walked out during a public comment about the facts, I believe every attending member …Continue reading →

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Educational Enrichment

In 2008, a car accident left Cecile Proctor’s mother with a brain injury. It affected the entire family and set Proctor in a new direction. Proctor is now working on her masters degree in psychology at the University of New Brunswick Saint John, and her research is focused on how brain injury survivors benefit from creative pursuits. “I wanted to see …Continue reading →

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Communication Requires Listening Too

Some of us who have experienced adversity — as a survivor, caregiver, or practitioner — have a little more difficulty expressing ourselves than those who have never experienced adversity. If you have a spouse, family, friends, employer, co-workers, neighbors, medical practitioners, caregivers, classmates, or any associate, communication is essential to your success. This post is not offered as an excuse, …Continue reading →

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**** About The Author ****

During the past 13 years, I have been diagnosed with cancer, brain injury, balance issues, stroke, ataxia, visual impairment, and auditory challenges. I have overcome significant adversity! I can explain how to overcome your challenges. I am a very active Toastmaster and a motivational speaker.