“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his or her own beauty, or perceive a sense of worth, until it has been reflected back to him or her in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.” ~ John Joseph Powell

2014-1231 IsolationThis post is not about overcoming any specific injury, illness, or adversity. I decided to share this post because I know many people who have an injury, illness, or adversity, as well as many people who do not, feel a sense of loneliness or isolation especially on holidays. Although I cannot claim to understand exactly why you feel the way you do, I have a few suggestions for those people who feel lonely on this New Year’s Eve.

  1. Call family and friends you have not spoken with in a while.
  2. Organize a game night and/or dinner with family and friends.
  3. Contact a few of your neighbors and wish them a happy holiday.
  4. Contact groups in your geographic area to ask about their plans.
  5. Communicate with strangers on a Social Media platform of your choosing.
  6. Watch a movie or play at a local theater or playhouse. Talk with other people.
  7. Travel some place you have always wanted to see. Talk with people you meet.

You have many options — feeling isolated is not your only option.

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