Changing Careers

“I hate my job,” she said, “I really hate my job. I am ready to quit today.”

Today was not the first time I heard those words, but this time there was a noticeable change in her voice and body language. Rather than offering unsolicited advice, I asked my friend if she wanted to hear my comments. She was open to listening, so I began by asking four questions:

  1. Is it your supervisor or the job you don’t like?
  2. Is it the industry or the company you don’t like?
  3. What would you like to do?
  4. What is preventing you from making the necessary change?

According to her answers, she no longer enjoyed working in the real estate industry and wanted to be a spiritual counselor. Her major concerns include a reduction in salary and benefits as well as her lack of experience as a spiritual counselor.

What would you recommend to her?

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