Changing Something

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It usually begins with the faint acknowledgement something is not right. Perhaps, you have a goal and realize you cannot achieve the goal based on the direction you are taking, the time you are spending, or a feeling you are having. Maybe somebody who cares about you is suggesting it is time for change. You are simply on the wrong track. Perhaps, you want change, but do not have a specific goal. It is time for change.

Many people think this time of year is the ideal time to change. In reality, the ideal time for change is any time of the year. You simply need to begin with a:

  • Positive attitude
  • SMART goal
  • Plan

Of course, it also helps if you are motivated to change, committed to action, measure your progress to ensure you are on track to achieve the desired change, and you are willing to change your plan if necessary.

Does this seem so overwhelming you do nothing? Take small steps. Divide each step into several smaller steps. Do not allow the challenges to affect your attitude. Begin now.

I am not suggesting the process is easy. Nor am a stating you MUST have a positive attitude, set a SMART goal, and plan. Some people succeed with a bad attitude, no SMART goal, and no plan. However, you will find creating change is much easier with a positive attitude, a SMART goal, and a plan.

Call to Action

If you need to change, start today. Don’t wait until friends or family being telling you to change. If you need help, ask for the help you need. If some says they cannot help, ask another person or several people until you find somebody who will help. Never give up.

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