Concussions by Sport

2016-0211 Concussion by Sport

The previous chart shows the number of concussions, by sport, in eight different schools in two different districts in San Diego County from August 2013 to October 2014. The data was collected by the Agency for Student Health Research. The chart was produced by Lynn Walsh of NBC Universal.

The chart is based on a relatively small data set, and probably understates the actual number of actual concussions, but the chart provides a representative sample of the relative risk associated with sports. Since sports are considered to be a huge source of revenue and opportunity, it is unlike this chart or any of the numerous articles linking concussion to sports will prevent students from participating in risky sports.

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    1. You are correct. Motocross will omitted. However, I did not create the study or the picture; I simply referred to it because I thought it was interesting. Thanks for noting the omission. And, thanks for requesting the weekly newsletter.

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