Creating Music with Brain Waves

In an article on Yahoo, tech columnist Rob Walker notes that we pointed, clicked, tapped, and swiped. “Some of us spoke to Siri, some waved our hands at the Kinect. Yet the quest to control our technology with minimal effort continues. We haven’t quite come up with a system that literally reads our minds, but we’re getting closer to one that responds to our brain waves.”

Walker continues by telling us “the practice of recording [brain wave] activity has the impressive name electroencephalography (more typically shortened to EEG). Ever seen images of a person’s head strapped up with an outbreak of wired sensors? That’s an EEG setup.”

2015-0124 Brain Art

If you consolidate the wires into a more practical object, you have something like the “neuroheadsets” made by firms such as Emotiv and NeuroSky, among others leading the charge of brain-wave control for the consumer market. Once you have a device that can capture brain activity in the form of data, you have an input that can be translated to some form of output.

Watch the video to better understand the connection between brain waves and music. In my opinion, you can forward past the first two minutes of the video.


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Thanks to Wendy for sharing the article; Rob Walker for witing the article; Yahoo for committing its resources to the article; and Lisa Park for her dedication, research, and leadership.

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