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2015-1121 Penguins in Sweaters

I chose to include the following article on my blog not because it specifically pertains to overcoming adversity, but because it shows the mindset of a person who can overcome adversity. Creativity is a major ingredient in enjoying life after adversity. I realize adversity often brings an awful toll. The question is not what happened, or what can’t you do, but what can you do now? When he was asked to make sweaters for little penguins, Alfred ‘Alfie’ Date focused on the possibilities rather than the impossibilities.

Excerpt of an article written by Jenni Ryall | Mashable

Alfred ‘Alfie’ Date, Australia’s oldest man, spoke to 9 Stories about how his inability to say ‘no’ got him into making miniature animal clothes. Date, who lives in a retirement home on the New South Wales Central Coast, was asked by two nurses to help make the sweaters, as they had heard he was an experienced knitter. It was a request he could not refuse.

The nurses heard Victoria’s Phillip Island Penguin Foundation requested jerseys to assist the survival of little penguins after an oil spill. Little penguins are a species of penguin only found in southern Australia and New Zealand, with a lone colony of 32,000 remaining on Phillip Island.

Using heavy wool provided by the nurses, Alfie put his 80 years of knitting skills to good use.

To read the full story written by Jenni Ryall, click here.


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Thanks to Jenni Ryall for writing the story; Mashable and 9Stories for committing their resources to the article; Victoria Phillip Island Penguin Foundation for the work they do; the nurses who had the insight to ask for assistance; Alfred ‘Alfie’ Date for creating sweaters; the penguins for modeling the latest penguin fashion and functional post-spill attire; Google for helping me find the article; and all the people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to include the pictures and test in this post.

2015-1114 Lone Penguine

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