Crossing a River for the Rose

2016-0330 Crossing a River for the Rose

Long ago, a co-worker shared a philosophy with me his dad had shared with him. According to the philosophy, “sometimes you need to stop and smell the rose.” At the time, I asked if he meant “smell the roses.” He clarified by telling me “at some point, there may be only one rose. My job is to find the rose and tell others how I found it so they can find their rose.”

Many years passed. I thought of the quote once in a while, but never really understood the significance of it until I was recovering from brain surgeries and cancer treatments. I could not walk well, I did not speak well, and I slept most of the day. Yet, I kept thinking about the rose.

Thanks DB for sharing the philosophy with me; it made a difference in my life. Through the Beyond Adversity blog, I am now helping approximately 700,000 people find their rose.

The following video made me think about the journey to find my rose.

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