Curing Epilepsy with Live Frogs?

2015-0922 Live Frog

Caution: Do not try this, EVER. I am not recommending anybody try this. I am simply sharing a story to help people understand the importance of awareness and the effects of misinformation and ignorance. Reading the story made feel queasy. I am not prone to feelings of queasiness, so if you are, DO NOT read the post.

Excerpt of an article by Meaghan Ellis | Inquisitr

One mom who attempted to cure her 3-year-old son’s “epilepsy” may have actually made things worse with a botched home remedy. According to the Daily Mail, she allegedly force-fed her son live frogs hoping to cure the neurological disorder, but the home remedy actually caused a parasitic infection instead.

It has been reported that the little boy was held down by family members and forced to swallow three live frogs his mother caught outside of their home. She reportedly did so because he began showing signs of epilepsy. During a recent interview with Shenzhen Satellite Television, she defended her actions explaining that she’d done so for her son’s well-being. “There is a child [in our neighborhood] who has tried this method and it was a success. [My friends] suggested I give it a try too, so we went to catch live frogs to feed my son.”

However, no medical examination had been conducted to determine whether or not the boy’s questionable symptoms were actually the result of epilepsy. Although she was convinced that the old folk medicine remedy would cure her son, she’s reportedly subjected her child to a number of other possible debilitating illnesses because the remedy definitely didn’t work. According to Opposing Views, the boy was diagnosed with a condition known as sparganosis.

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Thanks to Meaghan Ellis for writing the article; Inquisitr for committing its resources to the article; Google for helping me find the article; and all the people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to include the picture and text in this post.


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