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2015-0523 Sharing Knowledge

I recently shared an article about a potential cure of some stoke symptoms. Although many people shared favorable comments about the potential treatment, one reader did not.

The medicine mentioned in article is very widely used in the treatment of arthritis and some other conditions. I am not a doctor or pharmacist, and I do not have sufficient medical or pharmacological training to assess whether or not the proposed treatment may work. I know there are potential side effects associated with the medicine, but in my humble and medically uneducated opinion,  the side effects seem no worse than the horrific disclaimers associated with other medicine.

I believe it is better to share information and let people make informed decisions about whether or not the treatment is right for them.

I am not an employee, stockholder, contractor, manufacturer or distributor of the technology or medicine described in the post. I did not, and will not, receive any financial compensation for sharing the article.

Please let me know if you agree with my decision to share the article.

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  1. I want to know if anyone who has sustained a stroke or if anyone who has had treatment for a brain avm that has resulted in a short-term-memory deficit has tried using voice recognition software to compensate for memory deficit.

    1. Matt, many years ago, I used the software you mentioned. I no longer use it because the software made too many mistakes. But, as I mentioned, that was many years ago. The technology might be much better now.

  2. Hi Scott,
    If I remember the article was about the remarkable effects of etanercept on stroke. I didn’t see the comment that prompted this post so I’m unsure if it was critical of etanercept or of you. Regardless, i don’t see how discussion of the amazing and horrendously expensive biologics is negative. I have psoriasis and was a patient in a stage III trial for the approval of etanercept. During the trial my psoriasis cleared completely and my arthritic hips and knees felt great. But then the trial ended, etanercept was approved and, lacking the extra monthly mortgage payment it would have cost me for to pay for it, my psoriasis and arthritis returned. I can only hope that continuing to find more uses for biologics that the drug companies will far exceed their revenue targets and might consider reducing the price.

    1. `Howard, the comments you mentioned were critical of the treatment, not of me. My guess is the critics disapprove of everything unless it is a natural cure, but I am not sure. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, even if it is a little unfounded. Your experience is exactly what I wanted to find. One critic mentioned there were no trail anywhere in the United States. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am sorry to hear that the medication is extremely expensive. In your opinion, should the designers of the drug consider and test the drug for other potential uses? Why or why not? ~ Scott

  3. I know what you must be feeling here.. because similar situations have come up in my life too.

    Particularly when we are “promoting” a product that we believe will have only a positive outcome on the lives of those people who are reading our recommendations! the challenge comes up that in most cases we are not, for this one example, professional experts in the field and so I have to protect myself from people who may disagree with my “endorsement” by utilizing a Disclaimer” and that is my advice that you do the next time you recommend any kind of product, treatment, or advice.. FF

    1. Frank,

      The disclaimer is sometimes longer than the actual post. It is sometimes necessary to explain in great detail what I think, what I do not think, why I think it, my qualifications to think the way I do, and my lack of involvement with the product or service I am thinking about. I am not suggesting I am always right only that I have the best intentions.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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