Definition of Success

The following video has been watched more than 1.4 million times. I believe that the following list identifies several reasons why so many people watch the video:

1. Matt’s positive attitude, method of dealing with challenges, and accomplishment in the face of adversity are evident.

2. Viewers can feel the friendship between Matt and the coach.

3. The acts of kindness displayed by dozens of elementary school students is inspirational and beautiful to watch.

4. Matt’s accomplishments help us all realize that hope and support improve our own chances for achieving success when facing difficult challenges.



Which action in the video is the best example of success — the fact that Matt chose to participate, the fact that he had enthusiastic supporters, or the fact that he completed the run in spite of the challenges? 


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Thanks to Matt and YouTube for sharing the video.



  1. Thanks for the video , especial thanks to that boy ,it is really inspires that what is the success ,success is something that is from the buttom of our heart fully satisfied by self ,and let’s it keep trying till it is done. one always inspires other ,one makes other success ,so winners never quit….another view of success is self satisfaction .me too ,have started somethings and not giving up ,still hoping.

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