Designing for Disabilities

2013-1120 crooked_housesopocieChris Downey, who speaks about designing better buildings in the following video, demonstrates that living an enjoyable and fulfilling life after brain injury is possible. However, that is not the only message I heard while watching the video. Imagine that we (the brain injured community) are the buildings Downey mentions. Perhaps, we, like his buildings, need better blueprints.

I believe a blueprint must be specific to each of us, and flexible enough to meet our changing needs. Blueprints that are too general could not possibly account for our individual challenges, desires, and definitions of success. To the best of my knowledge, there is no single place where a survivor or caregiver can request and receive a custom blueprint for success — a guidebook that tells us what to expect and how to overcome the obstacles we will face during our journey from adversity to success. A custom blueprint must help us maintain a positive, hopeful, and enthusiastic temperament during the entire journey.

Share Your Thoughts

  • What causes you to be fearful, vulnerable, or lack confidence?
  • What would help you regain your confidence?
  • To whom are you thankful?
  • Do the people to whom you are thankful know you appreciate them?
  • If you were to design a better transportation system, what must it include?
  • If you were to design a better building, what must it include?
  • If you were to design better corporate policies, what must they include?
  • If you were to design a better city, what must it include?
  • If you were to design a better government, what must it include?
  • If you were to design a better you, what must it include?

Thanks to Jack C. Crawford for sharing the video with me; Chris Downey for sharing his ideas; TEDxCity2.0  for providing Downey a forum in which to share his ideas; YouTube for hosting the video; and all the other people who directly or indirectly made it possible for me to include the picture, text, and video I used in this post.

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