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Jimmy Johnson 48 Finish Line

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Some people may wonder why I  included pictures of the three cars in a post about overcoming adversity. Believe it or not, Richie Parker (the person who designed chassis and body components for drivers of three pictured NASCAR vehicles) has no fingers, hands, wrists, or arms. To find out how Parker overcame adversity, continue reading this post.


  • What challenges do you face?
  • How do you get through your day?
  • Who are your best advocates?
  • Who are your best supporters?
  • What resources would help you overcome adversity?
  • May I help?

Thanks to Wendy for sharing the video, Richie Parker for sharing his strategies, Tracy and Lottie Parker (Richie’s parents) for adding background information to Richard’s story, ESPN for producing the video, Hendrick Motorsports for believing in Parker, YouTube for hosting the video, and all the other people who made it possible for me to include the picture and video I used in this post.


  1. For me, sometimes the challenge I face everyday is not my disability but the environment itself or the accessibility. My being PWD doesn’t hinder me from doing what I want to do as long as I have fighting spirit and strong determination. But sometimes I need to be humbled and did not hesitate to ask help if I need it. Just like Richie Parker he doesn’t make his being PWD a hindrance to do and show what he can do. We just have to believe our own ability and believe there’s nothing impossible!

    1. Mirasol, your attitude is a great inspiration to all. We need to focus on solutions to obstacles not the difficulties. Everybody, with or without a disability, has challenges with some aspect of their life. We should spend time creating solutions rather than dwelling on the challenges or the past. We cannot change the past, but if we spend time thinking about the future, we are more likely to reach our goals.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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