Drawing the Line — Version 2

2015-1230 gunfight-at-the-ok-corral

I read an article a while ago that mentioned Greg. whose name was intentionally changed here, was killed by police after a nearly six-hour standoff that ended in a gun battle. Greg reportedly had significant brain damage.

I am not debating whether or not Greg could have been experiencing symptoms related to a ten-year-old injury. In the world of recovery, ten years is a short time. Furthermore, I am not questioning whether or not Greg’s specific brain injury caused him to act in a way that resulted in a standoff or gun battle. I am not a doctor, nurse, psychologist, or psychiatrist, and I have not examined any evidence.

I consider myself to be an advocate of all people with any adversity. I recognize some wrongful deaths were caused by police or other people who felt they were justified in using deadly force. However, in my opinion, police did the right thing in this situation. Please continue reading whether or not you agree with me.

If someone was trying to kill you, your family, your friends, your co-workers, or your students — regardless of the reason or the weapon of choice — there is a good chance you would not question whether or not you should do something, you would do everything possible to protect others and survive. You would not stop and think “this person is trying to kill me, therefore he must have a brain injury and it would be wrong of me to stop him from killing me.”

Although there may be many people who disagree with my opinion, I still believe police were justified, even if they knew, or thought, Greg’s brain injury may have contributed to the events. There are probably many people who will claim guns should be banned as evidenced by this case, but that is an absurd argument. Someone who does not realize shooting at police is a bad idea, does not have the capacity to conclude “guns are banned, therefore I cannot shoot someone with a gun, and I should not even have a gun.”

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