One of the benefits of brain injury is I now have time to learn things I never learned and relearn things I once knew. Do you remember learning to eat, drink, or walk? Do you remember learning how to talk, use sounds, or change your expressions to communicate? Do you remember, or have you ever learned, the definition and symptoms of ectrodactyly?

I don’t have the greatest memory, but I think it’s safe to say that prior to watching the following video I knew nothing about ectrodactyly. The reason I choose to write about ectrodactyly is because its symptoms are completely different than the symptoms I usually mention on this blog, but some of the challenges we face are identical to some of the challenges faced by those who have ectrodactyly. As such, we have an opportunity to learn from each other.

Some common concerns include:

  1. Deciding whether or not to reveal disabilities to employers
  2. Fighting Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs)
  3. Developing coping mechanisms
  4. Overcoming adversity
  5. Pursuing a path to success

The following video provides proof that people are able to overcome considerable adversity and achieve success. Some of the many achievements of Bree Walker, who has ectrodactyly, are featured in the video.

If you are interested in learning more about overcoming adversity from the perspective of Bree Walker and her family, please click any of the following YouTube links:

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  1. True or False — Brain injury is contagious.
  2. True or False — Ectrodactyly is contagious.
  3. True or False — Some people who have brain injury want to overcome adversity.
  4. True or False — Some people who have ectrodactyly want to overcome adversity.
  5. True or False — We can learn from people who do not have brain injury.

Thanks to Celeste for sharing the video I used in this post, Bree Walker for sharing her adversity and success with us, YouTube for posting the video, and all the people who made it possible to include the video in this post.

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