Elephant Parade

2013-0825 Airplane ElephantYesterday, I visited the Elephant Parade® in Dana Point, California. The parade was smaller than I expected, but the weather was a wonderful, the art was creative, and the company was fantastic. The parade will end with an auction that supports The Asian Elephant Foundation. According to the Los Angeles Times, the auction is expected to raise more than $6 million. Statistics in the Los Angeles Times reveal that the Asian Elephant population “decreases by 3.5% annually” and during the past 100 years the Asian elephant “habitat shrunk by 95%” and its population decreased by more than 90%.

I realize that some people may respond with statements such as “who cares” or “it’s not my problem.” To those people, please consider the fact that we caused this problem by 1) destroying the habitat in which the elephants live and 2) directly or indirectly killing elephants to acquire products made from their ivory. In 2002, more than six tons of ivory was seized by government officials. The Los Angeles Times tells us that in 2012 “illegal trade of ivory reached record levels.”

The following video, which does not have the clearest sound, illustrates how Jack (the Airplane Elephant pictured above) was built.

In case you are wondering how attending the elephant parade is related to recovering from adversity, consider the possibility that recovery takes time and the best use of time is to focus on things you can do rather than worry about those things you cannot do . . . at this time.


  • What charities do you believe are worthy of your support?
  • How do you demonstrate support for a cause?
  • Why is art considered a form of communication by some people?

Thanks to Jack C. Crawford for encouraging me to share more of my personal experiences, The Asian Elephant Foundation for raising awareness and funds to protect Asian elephants, Dana Point and Doheny State Beach for hosting the Elephant Parade®, Otterbach Fine Art for creating and sharing Jack (the Airplane Elephant), Los Angeles Times for publicizing the parade, YouTube, and all the people and organizations who made it possible for me to include the picture and video I used in this post.

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