A Divided Brain

Although I am not an anatomy expert, and I do not intend to publish many articles about brain anatomy, I feel that the embeded video is interesting enough to include in this blog. The video may be a bit too busy for some readers, the content may or may not be accurate, but the style of communication is captivating.

If you believe in creationism, rather than evolution, you may not like the video. There is a very brief part of the video that refers to evolution. I am not trying to convince readers that one belief is right and the other is wrong. I simply want to share a communication style that I had never considered — most likely because I communicate best with words not pictures. Please share your opinion about the video.

Thanks to Iain McGilchrist and and RSA for providing The Divided Brain video via YouTube.


  1. This was quite entertaining. A cartoon about brain anatomy. Unfortunately I was unable to keep up with the narrator and animator.

    I would have liked to review the pages slowly while hearing the audio.
    With the option to replay portions of the film.

    1. Esther, your preference might be ideal. However, it is what it is. May I suggest you watch the video again . . . I did. ~ Scott

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