Entering LIFE with Disabilities

2015-0327 Disability NetworkI am not a huge fan of schools or education centers because they tend to spend too much time teaching students things the students don’t need to know, rather than the skill they need to survive and thrive after high school (the real world). However an article by Elise Cleary, published online by Grand Traverse Insider made me smile. I am happy to hear of a program that teaches disabled high school students the skills they need to succeed after high school.

Excerpt of Article by Elise Cleary | Grand Traverse Insider

The Disability Network Northern Michigan serves nearly 1,600 people within the community each year through many different programs. One of those programs is the Learning Independence From Experience Program – or LIFE – which is geared toward teaching life skills to high school students with disabilities.

Participating students may have a visual impairment, hearing impairment, cognitive impairment or another type of disability. Students have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) within TBAISD. The program is tailored to each student, but often includes realistic goal setting, self-advocacy, knowing their strengths, job skill prep and knowing how to connect with needed resources.

Through the program, organizers said students gain valuable skills to plan for life after high school.


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Thanks to the Disability Network Northern Michigan, all the people who designed the program, all the people who recognized the need to implement the program, all the people who decided to accept the program; Elise Cleary for writing the article; Grand Traverse Insider for committing its resources to publishing the article; Google for helping me find the article; and all the people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to include the picture and text I used in this post.

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