Epilepsy Ireland Launches Smartphone App

2015-0410 Epilepsy Ireland Android AppDisclaimer

I do not have an Android phone or any smartphone. I have not seen, downloaded, or used the app described below. However, I have been to the Epilepsy Ireland website, and I have seen screenshots of the app. I chose to share the information in this post because I think the app is a fantastic idea that could benefit millions of people. I am not suggesting that either the app or Android offers the best solution, only that the app is a huge step in the right direction.

Excerpt of Article Posted on Epilepsy Ireland Website

Epilepsy Ireland has launched a new smartphone app to help people with epilepsy and the parents of children with epilepsy better manage their seizures.

The app, which is available free of charge on Android phones, will enable users to log details of their seizures over time, record and link videos of seizures to their personal log and help identify potential triggers and patterns to their condition. The data entered in the app can be collated and shared with the person’s medical team to assist them in accurately diagnosing, treating and managing their epilepsy.

The app has been developed for Epilepsy Ireland in association with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services, who donated their resources and expertise to the project free of charge. Epilepsy Ireland is particularly grateful to the HP App Factory Team in Galway who designed and developed the app with the charity. The HP App Factory works with organisations across different industries to produce apps for a variety of services and their commitment to the epilepsy app was critical in getting it off the ground.

To read the complete article and/or download the free app, click here.


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Thanks to Epilepsy Ireland for defining the app requirements; the HP App Factory for donating its time and service to the project; Google for helping me find the story; and all the other people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to use the picture, video, and text I used in this post.

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