Flying Baby

As I was preparing to write today’s post, I noticed a picture of a flying baby on the internet and knew immediately that I wanted to include the picture in a post. The challenge, of course, would be to identify a connection between a flying baby and enjoying life after injury.  It was at that moment I remembered a contest in the Orange County Register to create a story for a picture provided by the publication.

Henry Hullin Taken By Rachel Hulin via Yahoo

To keep the length of this post short, I will provide a few potential titles for a story that might explain the flying baby picture rather than include the stories themselves. The titles do nor relate to enjoying life after injury, but the process of creating titles and writing short stories is an excellent cognitive exercise.

  1. Hold on Lassie, I’ll get help.
  2. Mommy has fallen and she can’t get up.
  3. I’m late for a very important date.
  4. No car. No phone. Got umbrella?
  5. I forgot to pick up a birthday card.
  6. Umbrella: the only eco-friendly transportation solution.
  7. There’s no need to fear; Underage is here!
  8. Flying is for awesome people.
  9. Lower fares, fewer restrictions, extra legroom, and no charge for baggage.


What story titles come to mind when you look at the picture? If you could submit a picture of your choice for the contest, what picture would you submit and why?  What other cognitive exercises are similar to the one described in this post? What is your favorite cognitive exercise and why? What real-world strength does the writing contest described in this post help develop?

Thanks to the Hulin family, Yahoo, and the Orange County Register for providing the pictures and ideas used in this post.

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