Gaming Paves the Road to Recovery

Acts of God, acts of war, acts of terror, accidents, carelessness, environment, lack of resources, and randomness may adversely affect the way a survivor thinks, acts, or moves. In many cases, the survivor is not the only person affected by an event. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, social workers, doctors, nurses, and strangers may be indirectly affected by the event as well. The goal of this blog is not to question why bad things happen to good people, or to describe the anatomy of an injury, but to help survivors of injury overcome adversity and enjoy life.

In the following video, Jacob Wacker reveals how he is able to enjoy life even though a swimming accident turned him into a quadriplegic. I am not suggesting that the strategy used by Wacker is the ideal solution for everybody or every type of adversity. My intent is to simply show that adversity is an obstacle rather than an end point.


What helps you overcome adversity? How can others benefit by your experience? What can you do to help others enjoy life after adversity?

Thanks to survivor Jacob Wacker, reporter Amy Frazier Koin, news anchor Geff Gianola, KOIN 6 News, YouTube, and the numerous other people who made it possible for me to share the video I used in this post.

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