Gas Pump Prank

I understand there are times when you are not looking for articles about the brain, stories of success, wishes for recovery, or advice. Sometimes all you want or need on is a good laugh. I’m here to help. As you are watching the video and laughing about the situation, ask yourself who the video is pranking. The truth might surprise you.


Octane Rating

How do smiles and laughter help you? If you had unlimited resources, what prank would you design and implement? What would be the goal of your prank? What is your hidden talent? What could you do with your hidden talent to help people enjoy life?


Thanks to Lisa Depperman who shared the video with me, The Tonight Show which created the video, the gas station attendees, and everybody else who made it possible for me to share the video.


  1. Hi SCOTT this post was GREAT !

    I would be honored and blessed to have you as a special guest on my Blog Talk Radio Show which is on the TBI network every THURSDAY from 10:00PM to 11:00PM EST. You have a wonderful story and I know my listeners would like to hear it. I am looking forward to talking with you soon.



    1. Frank, thank you for taking the time to contact me. As you know, I have visited your site several times. I am definitely interested in talking with you further about your book and your talk show.

  2. Scott,

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this. You ask some very good questions. I don’t have a song or little dance routine at the ready like this gentleman and his wife did. The question I am asking myself is: Why not? I am not sure what hidden talents I have because I haven’t tested them lately. It brings to mind a saying: “Don’t die with your music still in you.” Today, I will take this literally and sign off to find some answers . . . . . . . already humming a little something. THANK YOU.

    1. Karin, I don’t know if your talent is singing, humming, dancing, writing, listening, sharing, negotiating, comedy or something else. However, I am fairly sure you have talent you do not reveal as often as you could. You may or may not know that you have the talent. My talent is helping others reach their goals. This may sound strange, but I am actually thankful that I had a brain tumor because it required me to look at planning, scheduling, negotiating, time management, resource management, relationships, happiness, organization, and quality much differently.

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