Group vs. Individual Therapy


2015-0221 Zeppelin

Several people have asked me if group therapy is better than individual therapy. In the past, my answer has usually been “it depends on two factors: what is your adversity and what are you trying to accomplish.” I would then support my truthful but vague answer with many words. Even though I believe individual therapy may be best for some people at specific times in their recovery, I also believe group therapy is the best approach for a quick and complete recovery.

While watching the following video on YouTube, I realized I could use the video to explain the difference between group and individual therapy.

If only one person played the song in the video, the sound might be good, but it could not possibly match the music played by the group. Of course neither individual nor group could possibly achieve the true music created by Led Zeppelin.


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Thank you to the Louisville Leopard Percussionists who helped me realize I did not need many words to describe the difference between group and individual therapy; Google for helping me find the video, YouTube for hosting the video; and all the people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to include the picture, video, and text I used in this post.


  1. Individual therapy worked best for me. I was too pissed-off at people in general to be around others. If I couldn’t do something an old lady could, I would get mad, depressed and just quite trying.

    1. Geo,

      If someone were to ask you now for your guidance, would you suggest they try group therapy to see if it is right for them? Would you have considered group therapy under different circumstances? How are you doing now? In hindsight, was individual therapy the right choice for you? ~ Scott

      1. Sure. They should try it. It wasn’t for me. I would not have liked it under any circumstances…well maybe if it was just me and a bunch Playboy Bunnies getting massage therapy but– I think individual therapy was definitely the right choice for me. You get more personalized and more effective therapy if it is individualized…obviously. Plus, I had a severe TBI and my emotions were out of…uh…control.


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