Habitat for Humanity Home Builders Blitz

Years after I was diagnosed with cancer, when I was well enough to participate in building a house with Habitat for Humanity. I am fairly certain the project was not part of a blitz, but I know the experts and volunteers built the house very quickly. Participating in building a house for another person was one of the best experiences in my life. I wish I started before cancer made this difficult for me.

Although there are many reasons why a post about volunteering to build homes belongs in a blog about overcoming adversity, I will describe only a few reasons in this post. I have no doubt I will write about Habitat for Humanity again, and I will include additional reasons in subsequent posts.

  1. Volunteering, whether or not you are building houses, is educational, informative, heartwarming and a great way to strengthen skills in networking, goal setting, planning, scheduling, performing, evaluating, communicating, and listening.
  2. Volunteering with Habitat is an opportunity to help people less fortunate than yourself. Although donating money is extremely helpful, donating your time is more meaningful — at least it was for me.

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