He Did What?

This post contains two videos. Neither video is specifically about a brain injured person, but both videos contain a story that is helpful to our community.

My reasoning is as follows:

  • According to many studies, the brain of a young child is typically less developed than the brain of an adult without a brain injury.
  • People with a brain injury typically have more cognitive challenges than those people who do not have a brain injury.
  • Depending on the severity and location of a brain injury, cognitive deficits from a brain injury may result in visual, balance, understanding and communication issues.
  • Some young children have not fully developed their visual, balance, understanding, or communication skills.
  • Therefore, it is reasonable to suggest that some brain injured adults are actually performing the skills of a young child.
  • As such, videos about the training and skills of a child pertain, in a somewhat twisted and distorted way, to the training and skills required to overcome brain injury.

In the following video, Jimmy Kimmel proves that comedy exists everywhere for those who are open to it.

The following video illustrates the post-training results of Jimmy Kimmel’s regimen. In my mind, post training is very similar to post therapy. The two videos provide a somewhat comical example of how training leads to success, but I believe the videos also provide an excellent example of how therapy and exercise lead to recovery.


  • What have you learned about the recovery process from the two videos?
  • What do you see as the connection between the videos and recovery from brain injury?
  • What would you like to achieve that does not require patience, perseverance, motivation, inspiration, skill, luck, timing, and repetition?
  • How is learning to shoot baskets similar to something you want to achieve?
  • What lesson in these videos is important for family members, friends, and caregivers to understand about your recovery?

Thanks to YouTube, Jimmy Kimmel, Titus, and the host of other people who made it possible to include the videos in this post.

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