Heading Somewhere

Photo credit: Natalie Fox

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Heading somewhere requires much more than throwing clothes in a bag and leaving. The strategy might have worked when we were five years old and somebody else did all the planning for us. The process might have seemed intuitive prior to our adversity. Unfortunately, the old strategy no longer works.

Heading somewhere now requires  a lot of thinking. Even if the destination is known, there are many decisions to make such as:

  • What clothes should I bring?
  • Do I need to bring gifts?
  • Have I arranged transportation?
  • Who will take care of my plants and pets while I am away?
  • Who will pick up my mail and newspapers while I am away?
  • Should I arrange for somebody to stay at the house while I am away?

Planning to go somewhere is not impossible, but it does require some thinking, planning, scheduling, and action. If you are travelling for the first time after your adversity, you might want to ask a relative or friend for a little help.

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