Hidden Objects: Torture or Teacher?


2014-0710 Waldo FaceI am not affiliated with “Where’s Waldo” or the company that created the puzzle in this post. I did not, and will not, receive any compensation for sharing the puzzle or linking to the company where I found the free, printable puzzle. My motivation for writing this post was to share a tool I used during my recovery from brain cancer, surgeries, chemo, and radiation. Solving a hidden object puzzle, or attempting to solve one, is a fantastic cognitive exercise.


The goal of a hidden object puzzle is to find each of the hidden objects in the puzzle. Most puzzles provide either a picture or description of the hidden object.

In the following puzzle, you are looking for the following thirteen hidden objects:

  • suntan-lotion bottle
  • hat
  • spade
  • star
  • sailboat
  • shell
  • pail
  • surfboard
  • sandal
  • bird
  • fishhook
  • flipper
  • pair of spectacles


2014-0710 Hidden Object -- Beach


Do not read anything in this section unless you are absolutely certain you need help solving the puzzle. The following hints apply to this specific puzzle.

  • Hint 1: The star is located near the lower right corner.
  • Hint 2: The spade is part of the sand castle.
  • Hint 3: The flipper is located near the closet of two houses.


Although the puzzle featured in this post requires us to find hidden object, puzzle may require us to find:

  • People
  • Colors
  • Symbols
  • Numbers
  • Foreign letters
  • A combination of the items listed above.


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Thanks to Highlights Magazine for introducing me to hidden object puzzles approximately 40 years ago; the many sites that offer free, pintable hidden object puzzles; Google for helping me find the picture and hidden object puzzle I used in this post; and all the other people who, directly or indirectly, made it possible for me to include the picture, puzzle, and text I used in this post.


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