Ignoring the Main Cause of Stroke?

2016-0807 Ignoring the Main Cause of Stroke

Excerpt of an article by David DiSalvo | Forbes

A massive global study of nearly 27,000 people has narrowed down the 10 biggest risk factors accounting for 90% of strokes worldwide. The good news is the factors are all potentially modifiable. The bad news is that the biggest risk factor is a silent killer many people don’t realize they have.

According to Dr. Martin O’Donnell, lead study author from the Population Health Research Institute at McMaster University, “The wider reach [of the study] confirms the ten modifiable risk factors associated with 90% of stroke cases in all regions. The study confirms that hypertension is the most important modifiable risk factor in all regions, and the key target in reducing the burden of stroke globally.”

Other major risk factors included lack of physical activity, poor diet, obesity, smoking, diabetes, alcohol intake, stress and cholesterol levels. Many of the risk factors are often linked in diagnoses of cardiovascular disease, but hypertension is different in that it can present in people who are otherwise healthy. Obesity and physical inactivity, for example, can contribute to hypertension, but many active people of healthy weight are genetically predisposed to the condition. It’s an unusual threat that can exist apart from factors associated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

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