In the Clouds

2013-1208 Zach-Sobiech-lg1According to Wikipedia, Zach Sobiech was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer, at age 14. Wikipedia also noted a CBS report in which Sobiech underwent “10 surgeries and 20 rounds of chemotherapy to eradicate the cancer.” Shortly after his diagnosis, Sobiech began writing music because, in his words, music is about “trying to leave something behind.”

In the following 23 minute video, we are introduced to Sobiech’s story.

Zach Sobiech formed the band A Firm Handshake with friends Samantha “Sammy” Brown and Reed Redmond. According to Wikipedia, “A Firm Handshake’s first album, Fix Me Up, was released digitally in early 2013, charting in USA, UK and Canada.”

In May 2012, Sobiech’s doctors informed him that he had less than a year to live. Sobiech recorded the song “Clouds” which he released as a YouTube video in December 2012.

Sobiech died on May 20, 2013 from complications associated with osteosarcoma. He was at his home in Lakeland, an eastern suburb of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Zach Sobiech was age 18.


Thanks to Lisabeth Mackall for sharing the story upon which this post is based; CNNWikipedia and CBS for providing some of the information I used in the text of this post; Mary Divine for writing one of the articles I used as a reference for this post; the Pioneer Press for publishing the article written by Mary Divine; Zach Sobiech, his family, and friends; SoulPancake for producing some of the videos I used in this post; YouTube for hosting the videos I used in this post; and all the other people who directly or indirectly made it possible for me to include the picture, text, and video I used in this post.

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