Introduction to Brain Games

Brain Games CommercialTelevision shows are often entertaining, but few are educational, and even fewer pertain to the brain. Television is not a place where I would expect to see programming that helps viewers (whether or not they have a brain injury), test, exercise, and strengthen their brain. However, National Geographic broke the trend when it announced Brain Games. The following short videos promote the show.

Are your eyes deceiving you when you watch the following video? Theme parks use a similar trick to the one in this video to convince you the impossible is possible.

The following addresses a few of the topics in the show.


What do you think when you see something you cannot explain? How do you react when you hear something you cannot explain? Is it possible to feel or smell something you cannot explain? Would you be a good eyewitness? At what time is the show Brain Games scheduled to air?


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Thanks to National Geographic, Brain Games, YouTube, and all the people who made it possible to include the videos I used in this post.

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