Inventing an Implant that Boosts Memory

2015-0924 Brain Implant

Excerpt from an article by David Nield | Science Alert

The more forgetful among us might soon have access to brain implants that can help jog our memories, if new technology developed by the US Defense Force becomes more widely adopted. New electric array brain implants are reportedly “showing promise” in assisting people who are trying to dig up memories from the farthest reaches of their minds.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) team is primarily concerned with assisting those who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries, rather than people who tend to leave the house without picking up their house keys, but the process could be applied across the board, they say. “Everyone has had the experience of struggling to remember long lists of items or complicated directions to get somewhere,” explains program manager Justin Sanchez, in a press release. “Today we are discovering how implantable neuro technologies can facilitate the brain’s performance of these functions.”

DARPA scientists are also looking at ways the brain can be stimulated to aid learning as well as improve memory recall. We already know that ‘replaying’ a particular skill in our mind’s eye can help us to learn it, and later this year the agency is going to begin trying to map out these replay processes as they happen in the brain.


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  1. How soon will this available to the general public? How much will it cost? Will it be covered by insurence?

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