Is Depression Contagious?

2015-0820 Attitudes are ContagiousExcerpt from an article by Sarah Knapton, Science Editor | The Telegraph

Sad friends will not bring you down but upbeat moods are contagious a new study has shown.

Researchers at the universities of Manchester and Warwick studied 2,000 teenagers to see if their social groups could influence how they felt about life.

They found that having mentally stable, happy friends helped to improve the mood of those who were depressed. But crucially depressed people did not seem to have an impact on the state of mind of those around them.

The research team used statistical methods usually used to monitor the spread of infectious diseases to find out how mood spread through social networks over 12 months.

The results show that being friends with someone who is depressed does not put a person at risk of becoming depressed themselves, but it will be beneficial to a glum mate.

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