It Can Happen to Children Too

2016-0710 It Can Happen to Children Too
Tommy Mumert/Contributing Photographer

By Tommy Mumert | River Valley & Ozark

Jami Allen of Russellville poses with her 4-year-old daughter, Adora, who had a stroke shortly after she was born. Allen had no idea that babies could have strokes, and she found information through the Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association, known as CHASA. Allen has become passionate about pediatric stroke education. She organized a fundraising event for the association and plans to help raise more money for research.

When Jami Allen of Russellville gave birth four years ago to her daughter, Adora, she immediately knew something was wrong. It was not what Allen saw or heard that frightened her; it was what Allen did not hear.

“I knew that when you have a baby, the first thing you are supposed to hear is crying,” Allen recalled, but she did not hear any crying.

The birth of Allen’s daughter, Adora, followed what Allen described as “very, very traumatic labor.”

Allen, 28, said Adora “was turned the wrong way and also had the [umbilical] cord around her neck.” Adora’s heart rate began to decrease, and an emergency cesarean section was performed.


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